July 15-20, 2018

Camper registration is closed for 2018. Please check back in January for 2019 Camp Breathe Easy dates. 

volunteer at camp breathe easy!


Contact Camp Director, Lauren Schmitt



Volunteer Positions at Camp Breathe Easy

There are a variety of volunteer positions at Camp Breathe Easy, all of them are a very important part of the CBE team! Before applying, please carefully read the
volunteer positions

Volunteer Training Information

There will be a pre-camp volunteer training day. This meeting is vital to the success of Camp Breathe Easy, and is mandatory for all  volunteers.

In addition, CBE requires that all volunteers arrive at Camp Twin Lakes the day before campers in order to participate in on-site staff training. This ensures that staff and volunteers are fully prepared for camp before campers arrive.

Fees & Cost of Camp Breathe Easy

Volunteers and staff are not required to pay, nor receive any fee to attend Camp Breathe Easy. 

How do I register?

Volunteer positions are full for Camp Breathe Easy 2018, please check back with us this winter for 2019 volunteer opportunities

Please be aware that all applicants will be required to go through our volunteer selection process, which includes an interview, before being selected as a volunteer for Camp Breathe Easy. For the autonomy of our campers and to help with asthma self-management, parents and other family members are not allowed to volunteer in camper cabins. Parents and other family members may serve on medical staff. All applicants who successfully complete the process are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Important Dates for Staff & Volunteers

June 6 – Volunteer Applications due.

TBD – Notification of acceptance as a volunteer for CBE 2018.

TBD – Mandatory Volunteer Training at Camp Will-A-Way.

July 12  – Follow-up Volunteer Forms due.

July 14 – Arrive for Camp Breathe Easy! 

July 15 – Camp Breathe Easy begins!   

For more information about volunteering for Camp Breathe Easy, contact camp director, Lauren Schmitt at lschmitt@camptwinlakes.org or 678-809-6047.